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  • colorFrame


    A desktop viewer like it should be today. Portable notebook design, outstanding illumination with a D50 standard illuminant, and dimming for soft proof applications. Ideal for viewing reflective copy in prepress studios and in repro work.

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  • colorMaster


    Desktop viewing of large reflective copy under a D50 standard illuminant. Collapsible design with top-class illumination over the entire area. Optionally with dimming for soft proof applications.

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  • colorCommunicator


    A perfect match. The colorCommunicator is directly connected to the PC and the monitor calibration software via a USB interface. The brightness matching of the two devices couldn’t be more exact.

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  • LED colorControl

    LED colorControl

    Visual colour proofing of reflective copy under a virtually endless number of (standard) illuminants. The multispectral LED light source guarantees unchanging, reproducible spectral properties for reliable colour decisions for years on end.

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