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multiLight 3 BASIC

multiLight 3 BASIC



Our multiLight 3 BASIC devices offer you freely selectable lighting situations to suit your purpose. Regularly equipped with D65 for ISO-compliant viewing of coloured surfaces, such as paints or plastics, to ISO 3668. Free choice of the other two illuminants. For instance, you can add UV light to assess fluorescent materials. A mixed-light function is, of course, also available, allowing you to activate multiple light colours at once.

  • Optimally suited to industrial viewing under three illuminants
  • Reliable detection of metamerism, thanks to multiple illuminants
  • Freely selectable illuminants, e.g. D50, TL84, A or UV (kindly specify when ordering)
  • Mixed-light function for simultaneous viewing with two illuminants
  • Regularly equipped with a D65 standard illuminant for viewing plastics, paints, textiles, decors and coloured coatings of all kinds to ISO 3668, ASTM D1729, DIN 6173-2
  • Symmetrical light design for viewing the viewing area from several sides
  • Monitoring of the operation hours by a digital operation hours meter

Illuminant characteristics