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Transparency Light Table Vario SV



These light tables permit not only classical transparency and film viewing, but also quality control of translucent copy under a D50 standard illuminant. The color-neutral, anti-reflective surface and special reflectors ensure homogeneous illumination with high luminous efficiency. All standardized light tables are continuously dimmable between 500 and 5000 lux. Both the height and the angle of the Vario SV transparency light table are easily adjusted by means of modern pneumatic spring technology. No crank to turn, no great effort required. 

  • Ideal for classical transparency and film viewing, and for quality control of translucent copy
  • D50 standard illuminant for standard-compliant lighting with 5000 Kelvin
  • Base frame height adjustable from 88–144 cm
  • 85° angle adjustment for ergonomic working
  • Color-neutral, anti-reflective surface with special reflectors for homogeneous illumination and high luminous efficiency
  • Dimmable between 500 and 5000 lux

Illuminant characteristics





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