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Wall Illuminator

Wall Illuminator



The Wall Illuminator starts where most other viewing stations stop. Thanks to its size and accessibility, it is optimally suited to assessing the colour of large-format prints. Be it exhibition banners or advertising posters – standard-compliant illumination is guaranteed over the entire rear wall. Completely illuminate translucent materials, such as textiles or transparent prints, against the light with the backlight of the Wall Illuminator. The brightness of the colour proof light and the backlight can be dimmed separately.

  • Ideal for assessing large-format prints
  • Optionally available as a dimmable version and with backlight
  • Unique light technology of the JUST moduLight 5000
  • Extremely homogeneous illumination by JUST moduLight colour proof lights
  • Side walls for shielding against extraneous light
  • SP version with continuously dimmable lights and SPcontrol
  • Convenient monitoring of operation hours by coloured LEDs, or by SPcontrol in the SP version
  • New, UV-transmissive, Fresnel-type prismatic lenses to comply with the latest standard
  • Back wall designed in neutral, matt gray (Munsell N7)
  • Including JUST daylight 5000 proGraphic fluorescent lamps to ISO 3664:2009

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