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Color proofStation

Color proofStation 6B / 7B



The classic colour matching combination with a practical cabinet provides standard-compliant illumination of both the desk and the rear wall. The asymmetrical light design of the luminaire ensures low-glare, low-reflection illumination without interfering shadows. Choose from three practical cabinets for storing plots and proofs in 6B and 7B format.

  • Perfect for regular colour proofing in printing companies
  • Low-glare, low-reflection illumination, thanks to asymmetrical light design
  • Duplex illumination of desk and rear wall
  • Suitable for 6B and 7B formats
  • Practical cabinet for organised storage of proofs and plots
  • New, UV-transmissive lens to comply with the latest standard
  • Including JUST daylight 5000 proGraphic fluorescent lamps to ISO 3664:2009

Illuminant characteristics