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Color Companion 40



The Color Companion 40 is the biggest of all colour matching stations for visual colour comparisons. Thus, large formats of up to 160 x 120 cm are illuminated with standard-compliant D65 light, or also with D50, A and TL84 (multiLight version). Despite its size, the Color Companion 40 is still flexible. Configure your station to suit your particular needs – with cabinets, racks, or also UV proof lights for reliable assessment of fluorescent materials. We‘ll be happy to advise you by telephone.

  • Ideal for large-format materials up to 160 x 120 cm
  • Optionally expandable by accessories
  • Choice of JUST moduLight 6500 or multiLight (D65, D50, TL84, A)
  • Glare- and reflection-free illumination, thanks to asymmetrical light design
  • Side walls for shielding against extraneous light
  • New, UV-transparent prismatic lenses to comply with the latest standard
  • Side and rear walls designed in neutral gray (Munsell N7)
  • Including JUST daylight 6500 proIndustry fluorescent lamps to ISO 3668, ASTM D1729, DIN 6173-2

Illuminant characteristics